Trekking paths in Lasithi

trekkingThe E4 European long distance path begins at the Pyrenees; then, it crosses the main European mountain ranges to end up in the area of Zakros, the easternmost part of Crete, linking it with Spain as if by an invisible Ariadne’s thread. This is the beginning and the end of a path that connects El Greco’s two homelands: his birthplace and the land that took him in and inspired him.

Most of the mountain trails in Lassithi are part of the E4 network of paths; this crosses the entire Lassithi Prefecture, from the mythical mountain of Dikti in the West, to the mountains of Sitia in the East, reaching the most notable natural habitats of the region along the way.

You can can find more useful information on the trekking paths of Lasithi visiting the site All the relevant info presented here originated from that site under written permission.


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