The province of Siteia has many beautiful beaches with crystalline unpolluted waters. There are popular beaches for cosmopolitan visitors as well as many remote ones that offer peaceful and private moments.

The blue flag awarded beaches of Siteia

Vai (Palm tree forest)
It is the only palm tree forest in Europe with a beautiful beach and a clean sea on the north end of the province, at Sidero Cave, and is a place of unique beauty in Crete. The palm trees here are self-sown and their clusters occupy the biggest part of the small stream up to the sea. The importance of Vai is not only aesthetic but biological as well. The wetland that is formed between the Palm tree forest and the beach is important to the avifauna and a great wealth of sea life is developed in the sea.

North of Vai there are the large, sandy beaches of Kouremenos and Chiona that are ideal for aqua sports (e.g. windsurfing etc.).

It is another beautiful and sunny beach of Siteia where the turquoise color is dominant. It is 2 km away from Palaiokastro and apart from the cool waters it will also offer you the traditional kakavia (fish soup) that you can enjoy at the picturesque taverns that you will find there.

Kato Zakros
The visitors will get to the beach of Zakros by car after driving a distance of one hour from Siteia. However, here they will have to combine their arrival time with the hours in which they can visit the palace of Zakros that is the only Minoan place building that has been found in eastern Crete. It was built in 1700 B.C. and its life was really short. It was completely destroyed by the explosion of the volcano of Santorini and it was never inhabited again. It was not plundered and the excavations offered us important findings that can be seen in the archaeological museums of Siteia and Heraklion.

After Argilos, there is a small bay with golden sand next to which there are many apartments to let as well as taverns. The bay is known as Vourlia. Nearby, there is a large protected area with sea daffodils. From that point the coast becomes rockier and extends on the northeast.

The first beach of Xerokampos, from the west, is Limanaki of Amatos. A natural port with peaceful waters, where the locals drop anchors, is formed here and it is also considered a good place for fishing. There are 2-3 tamarisks that can offer you some shadow and the beach is both pebbly and sandy. Moreover, there is one inchoate slip for your boat and the road up to the port is a good dirt-road. Here, it is also the beginning of the path that leads to the beach of Agia Eirini.

The beaches of Siteia that are of special interest:

Beach of Siteia
The beach of Siteia is inside the city and it is quite large as it extends from the port to the area of Petras; it is a sandy beach with thin pebbles at some points. It waters are clean and shallow and it is also a very organized beach with beach umbrellas, shower cabins, lifeguards, water sport facilities etc.

On the beach of the beautiful fishing village Mochlos as well as in the small but picturesque coves on its east and on its south, you can enjoy the clean sea. A few meters away from the village and on the opposite islet of Agios Nikolaos you can see the ruins of an important Minoan settlement. The Minoan state was in prime here during the Middle Minoan Period and it was also one of the most important ports in eastern Crete.

On the beautiful virgin beaches of Xerokampos, apart from the wonderful sea, you can also enjoy the fresh fish offered in the taverns. You can also spend the night here since there are many comfortable rooms and apartments to let. The wonderful sunrise is what you will enjoy the most.

In Platani cove, on the north coast, you will enjoy a quiet and extremely clean beach for a peaceful and private swim. There is also a picturesque cozy coffeehouse there.

The beach of Papadiokampos, northwest of Siteia, is totally isolated. Visitors must have all necessary supplies with them in order to enjoy the loneliness and the virgin nature.

Isolated beach “Karoumes” is on the eastern coast of the province and the visitor can get there either by boat or by hiking for 40 minutes from Chochlakia Gorge.

It is a coastal village of the province of Siteia in the Libyan Sea. It is a fishing village that is known for the rich fish production. The settlement is on the east of Makrys Gialos and it offers unforgettable experiences due to the natural environment and due to its wonderful beach and sea as well. Apart from fishery and tourism, the extensive cultivations of early grown grocery and greenhouse products, is also an important source of wealth for its residents.

On the north of the wonderful palm tree forest and its beach there is the sandy beach of Ermoupoli. Here, the visitors can also combine a good swim with a visit to the ruins of ancient Itanos. For centuries, Itanos had been the rival city of powerful Praisos until it managed to set Ierapetra against it and accomplish the final disappearance of the last Eteocretan city. The city remained a powerful commercial center as shown by the ruins of the paleochristian church, until the first byzantine period when it stood aside for the developing city of Siteia.

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