sitia4Siteia is a coastal city and it is also the easternmost city in Crete near Sidero Cape. It is 64 km away from Agios Nikolaos and 61 km away from Ierapetra. It is a city of almost 18.500 residents, built on the west side of Siteia bay, in a warm and dry area.

Siteia has the only airport in eastern Crete as well as a port that connects it with Piraeus and the surrounding islands. There are also regular bus connections with Ierapetra, Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion and many efforts are being made in order to improve the road network that connects it with the rest cities of Crete. It is a very well organized city with many shops, touristic infrastructures, a hospital, public services, banks etc..

The ecological profile of the area is completed with state-of –the-art technological applications. Because of the frequent winds, during the last years there have been made investments for the production of “pure” energy with the construction of 4 wind farms near Xirolimni settlement and Toplou Monastery. The biological waste treatment of the city has existed since the summer of 2001.

aioliko_parko_xandraThe residents of Siteia are mostly involved with tourism as well as with agriculture and fishing and they produce many local products such as: fruit and vegetables, dairy, wine, olive oil that is considered to be the best worldwide, all of which win many world awards every year; Siteia is also really famous for its local traditional dainties (“skaltsounia” etc…)

Siteia city as well as the rest province has exceptional natural beauties, which not only are protected, but they are also promoted. In Siteia you can find beautiful and clean beaches, an intense relief with hills, mountains, small plateaus, gorges, caves, flatlands, islets and skerries, coves, small wetlands and a variety of plant and animal species.

The visitor/tourist has the opportunity not only to enjoy the natural environment of the area but also enjoy the hospitality of the locals which are considered cheerful and friendly people that put their hearts in everything they do and are always ready for festivals and celebrations. Siteia is also famous for its peacefulness and its living tradition that is obvious at every corner of the province. All the above embellish the life of its residents as well as of its visitors.


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