Lasithi Plateau

oropedioLasithi Plateau is a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. It is a very beautiful area of our island, which combines tradition with mythology and history thus attracting many tourists who wish to enjoy the natural landscape, wander around the villages and admire the windmills which were being used by the inhabitants in the past in order to pump water and water the fields.

There are various explanations regarding the geomorphologic image of Lasithi Plateau. According to one of them, a meteor fell in the area a long time ago, thus giving the plateau its modern image. On the other side there is a well-founded version supported by many geologists, according to which the Plataeu’s modern image is a result of the many waters coming from the surrounding mountains which flooded what today is the valley of the plateau. Those floods, as well as the mandatory abandoning of the area for a period of two centuries, forced Venice to undertake a vast draining work in the Plateau, with straight ditches, called “Linies”(ligna, linea=line) by the inhabitants up to this day.

The inhabitants of the Plateau are mainly based on the agricultural and livestock farming economy whereas in the last decade serious attempts have been made by the municipality and private individuals to turn the Plateau’s economy to agricultural tourism. In most of the villages one can find traditional quaint taverns, savor unique local dishes and enjoy a pleasant stay in traditional guesthouses in the surrounding villages.

The mountains surrounding Lasithi Plateau are the following:

  • On the southeastern side lies the main mountain volume of Spathi (2.148 m)
  • On the eastern side lies Tzivi or Aloida.
  • On the western side lie Skloka and Afendis
  • On the northern side lies Selena.
  • On the northwestern side lies Louloudaki
  • On the southern side lie Sarakino, Virgiomeno and Magereftra


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