Cretan cuisine & diet

cretan_foodThe fertile land with the rich wild flora offers the Cretan table a remarkable variety of edible greens, which are the main ingredient of the most exciting flavors of the Cretan cuisine.

The well known self-sown aromatic plants are used in the local cuisine perfecting the most common flavors. They can make great infusions and as beekeeping plants they contribute to the unique flavor of the Cretan honey. Dairy and local meet are also delicious and extremely tasty.

The touch of women with homemade dough, leavened bread and “dakos”
(Cretan rusk), “ladokouloura” ( olive oil cookies) and desserts with honey, must, nuts and sesame are a unique tasting experience not only for gourmets …Crete is a place that generously offers the visitor a richness of experience through the years…

Gastronomy is an integral part of the daily life and the culture of the Cretans. The abundant, pure raw materials that are offered by the blessed land of the island make it a gastronomic paradise.

The people’s diet is based on the great variety and balance of the products: greens and vegetables, legumes, meat, dairy, fruit, honey. Olive oil is used in every preparation, raw or cooked. Wine and raki, the traditional drink of Crete, are offered on all occasions as an opportunity for socializing and strengthening of relations. The quantities that are consumed are always big; however they are always accompanied by excellent viands.

So, wherever you may find yourselves, even in the most mountainous village of Crete, be prepared that someone will treat you, even in the most isolated traditional coffeehouse. Do not refuse the experience to taste wine or raki with delicious cheeses and homemade bread, extremely fresh salads or even a casserole that a housewife will joyfully offer you. What is for sure is that those flavors will make you want to visit the island again as soon as possible!


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