Beaches to all likings

blue_flag42 Blue Flags!!!

Lasithi has the most numerous, the cleanest and the most organised beaches in Greece. During the last years, it has been constantly standing out as a blue flag champion (42 in 2014).

The crystal waters of Mirambello Bay as well as of the whole coastline are clean and warm so that you can swim no matter where you are and the beaches are transparent in general.

There are many beaches for all preferences-either you want to enjoy the sea on organised and extremely popular beaches or you prefer a peaceful and lonely swim in an isolated cove.

There is a great variety of beaches, sandy or pebbly. Apart from the organised and registered beaches, there are also many hidden coves along the length of the coastline. In this way, even the most demanding will find the beach of their preference.

You can look for the most known beaches on the interactive map of points of interest on our website.

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