Aqua sports for everyone

divingCrete is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean and Lasithi is a big part of it, since it has hundreds kilometers of coastline. Lasithi’s beautiful sands, combined with crystal waters, make it an attraction for a great number of tourists every year.

There are many people who just prefer swimming, sunbathing and playing on the beach. There are others, though, who want to enjoy the sea in a more energetic way. In Lasithi, you will find many organized beaches that offer aqua sports and have the possibility to fully satisfy the visitors and offer them unbelievable excitement.

Windsurfing, Water ski, Kite surfing, surfing, wakeboard are some of the aqua sports that you can enjoy on the organized beaches of the area. Water ski is maybe the oldest and the most popular aqua sport. There are many well organized training schools for those who want to get trained in it, but there is also the possibility to hire equipment almost on every organized Greek beach.

Windsurfing is also really popular since Crete, apart from being a water paradise, is also widely known for its winds, which are strong enough throughout the whole year and they peak with the summer etesians. These winds can be exploited by kite surfing, which was a little late to become popular in our country but time after time it attracts more fans as, apart from being spectacular, it is also considered one of the relatively easy sports for beginners.


There are many beaches where you can find diving programs for beginners or for those who have never practiced it before, as well as boat trips for snorkeling or just for fun.

There are wonderful diving locations ideal for experienced as well as for inexperienced divers, for training or for just for fun.

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